PST raises terror threat level following shooting incident in Oslo 25 June

Publisert 25. juni 2022

In the early hours of 25 June 2022, a perpetrator opened fire and attacked civilians in Oslo, Norway.

Consequently, The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) raised the Terrorism Threat Scale from level 3-moderate threat of terrorism, to a level 5 - extraordinary threat situation. 

This implies that there has been a terrorist attack and that there is an unresolved situation. We are continuously assessing the terrorism threat level. 

The threat level has been raised due to the attack targeting several bars in Oslo. The perpetrator was arrested shortly after the attack. The police seized two weapons. Two people were killed and several others injured in the attack.  

The perpetrator is previously known to PST. He has a long history of threats and violence. Our service has known him in connection with Islamic extremism since 2015 for possible radicalization and connections to an extreme Islamist network.  

PST talked to the perpetrator in May of this year, as he had shown interest in demonstrations and manifestations perceived as insults to the religion of Islam. Our assessment, after talking to the perpetrator, was that he did not have violent intentions.  

In addition, we have information that the perpetrator possible struggles with mental illness. 

Our assessment is that this was an attack motivated by extreme Islamism.  We are actively working to clarify the scope of the perpetrator’s ideological beliefs, and potential links to other Islamic extremists or extreme networks. 

Experience has shown that completed terrorist attacks might inspire others to plan and commit further terrorist attacks. Our focus now is to prevent potential follow-up attacks. To clarify, we hold no information of that as of now. 

We are continuously assessing the terrorism threat level and will communicate any changes to the Terrorism Threat Scale. By being transparent regarding our Terrorism Threat Scale we give the public the opportunity to be informed and understand the reason behind the measures that are implemented.  

The communicated Terrorism Threat Scale does not in itself require any measures or response from the public, except for increased awareness. Any tip-offs can be directed to PST and the ordinary Norwegian police.